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Inhalation and exalathion doubts

I've been told by Ken to summit my question here, so here we go.
I started singing two years ago and lately i've been followed by a vocal coach.
No doubts she's great, She has a strong and refined voice, but for some reason i find some controversial regarding the breathing skills required to perform.
From my point of view we inhale deeply from the bottom and we inflate like a baloon.
But what happens when we do have to sing?(Exhale)
Ken made me notice that we naturally pull in when exhaling or we would miss the Power required for that action.
Some belcanto's teachers explain that we Need that 'pulling in' contraction.
But my teacher doesn't advocate for that.
She told me to push out with my lower ABS to stabilize the diapraghm from rising up prematurely.
Exactly she explained me this way:
Inhale and fill horizontally,
Pretend Someone Is punching you in your stomach and activate your ABS.
From there sing keeping the expansion.
The doubt relies in my ABS.
I can pull them in or push them out.
And lets suppose i dont wanna use my abs this way, but rather understand the right exhalation process.
Inhalation doesn't push out your stomach directly, inhalation Is on a horizontal Plane, moving down your diapraghm Is what makes stomach Stick out, but it's pretty much a muscular breathing where group of muscles are activated simultaneously.
Some May emphatize the belly, some like me emphatize the intercostal breathing resulting in a less pronounced stomach.
But we May all agree we have created some pressure inside our body.
From there the only way i found to keep muscles expanded and not let them collapse Is keeping the inhalation state and keep singing like im still inhaling.
But Ken was talking about the 'pulling in sensation' that somewhat 'sucks in' your stomach during exhalation.
And i find if i shout out and exhale It all i deflate.
Should i push out my breath when exhaling or pull in?


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    ElaraElara Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 327
    Try this: While sitting, breathe in naturally. Then, blow the air out from between your lips in a stream, as if you are blowing out lots of candles. It will sound like "Foo!", but with only air.

    While you do this, pay attention to the sensations in your abdomen. You should feel a tightening as the muscles activate, and then notice the "sinking in" at the end when most of the air has left your lungs.

    So, that is how your exhalation works when you aren't really thinking about it. When we sing, we want the air that passes over our vocal cords to be totally under our control. We have to let some air pass over our vocal cords, otherwise no sound will be produced. Ideally, we want it to be as small a stream of air as possible, although sometimes, we might want to add more to achieve a certain sound.

    To have this control, we have to stop our diaphragm from immediately relaxing back to its rest position. We can't quite control it directly, but we can control the abdominal muscles, and we can control our posture to make it all as easy as possible.

    Activating our abdominal muscles gently holds the organs inside our abdomen, which have been pushed down by the movement of the diaphragm when we inhaled. This hold stops the organs moving quickly back up, and that is how we have some control over the diaphragm.

    Experiment with your breathing, and focus on what is needed to control the air flow: activating the abdominal muscles, imagining them gently hugging your organs. Keep a good posture so that your lungs have lots of room.
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    JustasingerJustasinger Member Posts: 2
    From what you explained air without control ends in the sinking sensation, using my ABS to control them prevents air to escape quickly even if i have to push out ABS in order to keep air under my control.
    And that's fine, i think i might Just be overthinking
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