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When to move to Volume 2?

I'm a really fast learner and can go through the bridge without a break now. And can sing up to an A#4 effortlessly in chest. It's getting easier and I've been doing the volume 1 workout twice a day for three weeks. When should I move on to volume 2? I feel like another week of volume 1 would be enough. What do you think?


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    MattMatt Pro Posts: 197
    Without an audio example, it's hard to say! You really don't want to rush volume one - it's the perfect time to get the fundamentals down as best as you can. In fact, that's pretty much what it's there for. If you skip ahead now, you could hinder your progress later on or even do damage. That said, you've not mentioned any problems here.

    As I said, an audio example would give you more detailed responses, but if you can't or won't record a sample, go through the checklist and make sure you're consistent with it:

    Tongue dropped to base of jaw
    Bright LAH sound
    Not too much air, but a consisent flow
    No tension

    Good singing to you
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