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Great improvement when moving to the coast

Hi again! My mother has a house in the south of spain (costa del sol) close to the seashore. When I come to visit I allways experience an inmediate improvement in my voice, from one day to another (clearer high notes and more fluid connection between chest and head)
I am wondering why this happens, may be the humidity of the air? And how can I mimic that conditions in my hometown. Can be relevant to add that I suffer from reflux (now in threatement with nexum 20 mg) and I live in a polluted and very dry area in my hometown.

Any advice from the experts over here is very wellcome!
Thanks :)


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    TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 355

    Fascinating. Camarón de la Isla was from San Fernando, Cádiz, and maybe the coast had something to do with his amazing voice?!

    This is pure speculation but the factors that come to mind are:
    - the increase in humidity from your dry hometown.
    - your excitement being at the shore, visiting your mom, and beautiful southern Spain.
    - Being in a different mood with more energy while being on vacation.

    Not sure how to mimic the last two, but a humidifier, visits to a steam room (or hot showers), and drinking plenty of water wouldn't hurt.
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