Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott: Feedback

Something is a bit off with how I sang this song. A few parts sound pitchy. Also, I don't like my tone in other parts. What do I need to improve?




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    TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 355
    I love the dynamics in the first half and I don't see much to improve on this one, @michaelmusic

    In case you don't think of it this way, you're way past having to do anything to prove your range. I'm not saying you do here, but just saying it out loud in case. On that note, how about putting some of those dynamics in "I'm not the guy you're taking home?" For example, what would it sound like if you backed off on "guy" and made it a lighter head voice rather than knocking it out of the park? Or, you could extend the note longer than the original starting out in a lighter head and then swelling to full voice before taking it down? You've got the chops to make explorations, that's for sure.
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    GuyChanGuyChan 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 168
    Hi Michael. I agree with Terence. I love the sensitive parts, especially around the first half of the video.

    Now, you added some energy to the second half. I saw on your face that you may have felt some discomfort? Maybe you felt like you didn't really know where to place the sound and/or how to deal with the pressure around the throat ? Terence said something interesting. Don't knock it out. Be soft and tender with yourself. I like to think of my whole voice as mixed voice, with more or less chest. That's the feeling of the cushion of air, that allows you to heave the freedom of traveling from chest to mix, to head, lightly. Ken once said that even when you belt really hard, you wanna have the feeling of lightness of head voice.

    He also said that you should never feel a sense of force majeure in the throat. It should feel free. Feel a ball, a balloon, a cushion of air, like you're singing on a cloud. Not an airy sound, but in opposition to a squashed sound. Softly. Softness doesn't inhibit power, in fact, it gives you freedom to use resonance, instead of unnecessary pressure. I hope this may help you.

    Btw, you asked for things to improve, but let's not forget to emphasize that you're doing an awesome job, that your voice keeps getting better and better. You have nuances that are really golden, and over time I'm watching you grow, and your voice becomes more and more fine and precious, like a nice and polished jewel.

    Keep up, we're all for you !

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