My original song Sit and Joy

Singing your own songs gives some level of imunity to critics and comparisons.
But we always like to get feedback!


What do you think?



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    ssoꓤɯɐᴉʅʅᴉMssoꓤɯɐᴉʅʅᴉM 3.0 Streaming Posts: 2
    Hey man.
    I liked it. Not just mashing the like button. (I can't like anything or it will add it to my personal play list)
    But I did smash the like button and I did generally liked it.
    Here is a link to mine I mad.
    Not as good as yours but that why I'm here I guess.
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    ssoꓤɯɐᴉʅʅᴉMssoꓤɯɐᴉʅʅᴉM 3.0 Streaming Posts: 2
    edited April 14
    I just realized I didn't leave a link.
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    hftmonteirohftmonteiro Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for sharing.
    Not as good as mine?! That’s not true.
    Your mixing and production in general is much more pro than mine. Mine is just like a “demo”.
    Regarding your vocals I’ll comment sincerely, otherwise, what’s the point, rigth?
    The initial part I was thinking “I like the tone, great definition and the Voice is up front as should be.”
    But then you started to sing out of pitch and on purpose i guess. And that’s a style I don’t apreciate too much. No ofence man.
    Let me play it again, maybe I need to absorve your style…
    But the first imprecion was what i tried to describe.
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    hftmonteirohftmonteiro Member Posts: 3
    “Never liked you anyway” is sublime 👍
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