Intro Hello & Diaphramatic Support Question

TheFlameTheFlame Member Posts: 5
Hello! First, I'd like to introduce myself to the forum. I'm an aspiring musician (male), learning to sing for the first time. It's something I always dreamt of doing and avoided forever because the idea scared me. After finding Ken on YouTube I decided to start following his lessons and to begin to practice and learn vocals. I'm starting from scratch. At the moment I'm setting aside about an hour each day to practice vocal exercises.

As a complete beginner in singing, one of the concepts I'm struggling with right now is understanding diaphramatic support. I've been following some of Ken's videos on YouTube to try to really get this down before I move on to further lessons. When it comes to breathing for singing and diaframatic support, is my understanding correct that I'm pushing my belly out as I inhale, and pulling belly in while I exhale? From the couple videos I've seen of Ken talking about diaphramatic support, it's not clear to me exactly what the mechanics are for this. I could use some pointers and further clarification.

Any videos recommendations or tips to further clearify diaframatic support are most welcome! Also any addition begginer tips for further material learning material recommendations are much welcome!

P.S. As a complete beginner in vocal training, my goals for singing at the moment are very simple - to learn fundamentals and to start chipping away at my 'fear' of singing. I've set a little goal or milestone for myself to push for. I'd like to be able to cover the vocals for the song "Love Me Now" by The Angels.

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