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A Cappella Rendition of 'Stand By Me', What's Your Take?

Hi, everyone, recorded this a cappella song after a shower because I wanted to hear how my voice sounds without a backing track. What do you think? What could and should I improve?



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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 112
    The foundation sounds fine. I am no expert, but there are some isolated pitch issues I can tell. The resting notes (bottom ones) seem a bit off (sometimes flat sometimes sharp) and the high part on "darling darling" was lower than the original version. It might have been a stylistic choice though. Things are always more difficult without any instrumental reference. In light of that I'd say you did well for a first attempt.
    You can try some app or computer software where you can see your live notes and then try it again. I use that and it is very helpful so you don't start your songs way off.

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    FrankLapaliceFrankLapalice Member Posts: 26
    Thanks for your piece of advice man!
    However, if the high part seems a bit lower, it's because it is, I sing it in a different key.
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