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Seems I can only belt?

Currently fronting a rock band, with a heavy load of top of range(for me) songs. So i seem to be in constant upper mix\head voice belting. Which is fine, but now the problem is it's the only way I can sing My new project is a "Yacht Rock" band that does song not as belty, but still semi high in range. Now my go to voice is max velocity to reach notes. That doesn't work for this style My question is, are there any workouts\scales that can help with strengthening none belt highs or just soften voice? Reading this really make little sense, but hoping some one might have a idea......I have been doing KTVA about year and half. My range, power, control, tone have greatly improved. Thanks Ken! Thanks for all here that help us all.


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    VinceRainVinceRain 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 26
    Hey there! Congrats on a year and a half progress with KTVA! In terms of trying to soften your voice, I think any scale exercise would do, but if u want my opinion i enjoy the LAH long scale, as it kind of tricks your voice into being able to go higher than you think. But also even a simple LAH and LAA triad to start off with would suffice

    Singing soft involves using as minimal air as possible, so I think the first step would be to try and be mindful of how much sir your using when practicing/singing. If you are belting properly, then you probably have strong diaphragmatic support, so if would you to try to get that bright ping Ken does with minimal air. I again am mot sure how far into KTVA you are, but in Volume 3 is when Ken talks about compression which is used to hold back the air and it allows your to sing quieter while using minimal air, but you only wanna do this once youve established a basic foundation of open throat technique and diaphragmatic support. I would also encourage if u do have KTVA to send an email to the support team to get yourself enrolled in the 2.0 or 3.0 side of the forum and post videos so people could give feed back.
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    rickduderickdude Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Vince. Have been focused during practice ,warmup, and actual singing, being softer and more quiett. Paying more attention on placement and compression. Which leads to better brightness and tone. Resigned that I will mostly be a rock singer, but working on a more mellow side. The voice will always be a work in progress.
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    michaelmusicmichaelmusic 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 265
    Can you share a video?
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