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hey Ken first off love the program the only reason I'm bringing you this somewhat silly question it seems to me because every else I hear on the forums does this and never asked you i just feel out of the loop anyway on to the question first some background I've done the volume 1 for a month then realized I over looked the mix voice I thought that was for volume 2. So I was behind from the start with my bridge and now it has been building but just sort of plateued so now I have had a weak and airy mix voice for the last 3 weeks and I want some change so I decided to ask you in your corner how I can get it strong like you and if that doesn't help I would really like an online lesson so if you could tell me what your schedule looks like this week that'd be great



Ps. you talk about glottal compression as the holy grail of belting and I love Boston so that really interests me but as you know that's in volume 3 can't wait although I wanna get my mix strong before glottal compression anyway work your magic thanks again


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    Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446
    Hi Samuel, 

    Can you pst a sample of your singing so I can hear you doing this? (a video is best if possible).

    Also, to book a personal all you need to do is go to the site under the top tab that says singing lessons and you will see personal instruction there.

    I am running about 3 weeks out...

    Let me know when you have posted the sample

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