Pick 4 Songs for a Professional Video

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This year my goal is to book 8 private events and weddings. I so far have booked 5.

I want to create a high-quality video of me performing 4 cover songs each 30 seconds long in the total span of 2 minutes.

I want to have the songs be the right fit for my voice (I'm a tenor), showcase my diversity in music selection, and be a good fit for my audience.

Hear my voice here: https://michaelofficial.com/destination-wedding-musician/

My diversity in music selection: Check out my full song list here

My audience: newly-engaged couples, corporate events, private events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), age 20-60.

Based on the above criteria, what 4 songs would you recommend I should choose?

So far I have these selected:
  1. If I Aint Got You - Alicia Keys
  2. Just the Two of Us - Bill Withers
  3. How Deep is Your Love - The BeeGees
  4. Beyond - Leon Bridges
Below are examples from other musicians doing the same thing:
https://www.invisibletouchevents.com/live-musicians/ilya-serov https://www.invisibletouchevents.com/live-musicians/brandon-wildish https://www.zoiemoser.com/

Do you like this song selection or would you choose something different?



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