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My Deep Purple tribute band's debut show @ Tokyo | Burn, Highway Star, Lazy, Strange kind of woman

AlvisAlvis Enrolled, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 121
Hey gang, it's me again, but this time it's my DP tribute band's debut show (I'm currently invovled in 4 projects. Hardcore I know :D ).

Anyways, it'll mean the world to me if you care to give it a listen. About 35 min's show in total but timestamps are available in the coments secition. :)



0:00 Burn
06:20 Highway Star
12:40 少しMC/small talk
13:17 Strange Kind of Woman
17:34 Lazy
24:15 バンドメンバー紹介/introducing band members
25:15 Fireball (Some hiccup near the end :'( )
28:40 Lazy

Cheers and good singing to y'all!
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