Fly Me to the Moon live cover in a restaurant!!

If you asked me 1 year ago if I’d be playing Fly Me to the Moon on guitar at a table in a restaurant in front of the restaurant customers and staff I wouldn’t believe you. I didn’t think my voice would be nearly good enough or I’d have enough confidence in my abilities to feel comfortable singing and playing guitar live.

Check out this cover below and give feedback about how you think I could improve! Personally I think I should include more dynamics in my voice to make it more soulful.


Now, I can pick up a guitar and confidently perform for a crowd of hundreds of people comfortably and have a GREAT time. I did this yesterday at a wedding cocktail hour. My dream of one day feeling this is now a reality.

I sing for at least 30 minutes every day to incrementally improve my voice. I find ways to fit my vocal exercises in any way I can. Usually, I’m singing and driving to avoid bothering my neighbors. If I’m driving, I’m probably also doing vocal exercises.

This week I sang for a total of about 10 hours. I sang for 5 hours in 2 days at my live performances and then another 5 throughout the week.

I want to increase the amount of time I’m putting into music to about 15 hours a week. Playing covers like Fly Me To The Moon or YouTube collaborations like Die For You help to challenge me and give me a new project to work on that improves my singing abilities.

This year my goal is to put 8 original songs of mine on Spotify. I have the songs already written. I just need to record them. To record them I need to reallocate time from other projects towards recording.

This upcoming week and the following several weeks I will work to allocate more time towards music.


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