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Hi all, the name is Steve and I have taken the plunge and started learning to sing correctly (been doing it wrong and getting away with it for 40 years LOL)

So, here we go... I have been playing guitar and singing in bands since the 1970's... even recorded three albums and five single over the years, but never had a lesson in my life so naturally not singing correctly and probably doing all kinds of damage.  

Anyhow I am now on my third week of KTVA Course1 seven days a week ... and although finding the exercises a little challenging I am already beginning to see some light (and tone) at the end of the tunnel. Kens a great salesman (almost evangelical) for his product, and an also a great teacher and an amazing singer and so I am thrilled to be a part of this.

More later, but hopefully not too much later :-)



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    Hi, Steve, and welcome to the KTVA Forums!

    We are going to keep an eye on you and make sure you don't get away with singing incorrectly anymore!  The Vocal Police are watching and listening to you now!

    This is a place for rockers and rollers of all ages, as well as crooners and groovers.  Everybody here is doing the KTVA thing to the MAX, and we're glad you've joined the party!

    There are some great KTVA students in the Land Down Under, just as there are in the Land Up Above and in the lands all around the globe!

    Dig in and sink your teeth into this material!  It will have a profound effect on your voice, which will change everything about your musical performances!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you and helping out if you get stuck on anything!


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    Hi again,  Just posting an update.  Its been about 4 weeks now since I got started on course 1 ... 
    and I gotta say that my vocal range, tone, and confidence is going through the roof.
    I practice everyday 7 days a week at about 11.00 a.m. and then sing along with a couple of karaoke tracks from youtube - I also use the warm up again in the evenings before my band rehearsals twice a week... BAM! this is making a big difference!
    Strangely the exercise that puts my throat though the most pressure is the lip burble.  I can do it fine, but I always feel like it has really pushed the throat muscles, more than the others...and I guess that is a good thing?
    Anyhow I will push on with this CD1 for a while longer and then think about moving on to Disk 2.
    Thanks Ken,
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    Hi All,   
    This is a song I wrote and recorded a cuppla years ago (Pre-Tamplin) 
    I would be pleased for any critiques of it as I am thinking I may have another crack at recording it.
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    It's a cool song.  I think you will be able to do an even more interesting version now, just by way of having made a lot of progress on your voice.


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    Many thanks Bob.  I am encouraged to do a new version of it, maybe in a few more months.
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