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How to post singing sample?

Exactly as the title says


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    samuel88samuel88 Pro Posts: 53
    I would've put this in tech support if there was one:)
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    Record yourself singing.  Use your computer.  If you have a webcam, it has a microphone.  Most computers have "sound recorder" included in the software, as well as video recording programs.

    So just sing along to a vocal exercise that you would like an evaluation on.  Try to position the boom box or whatever you are playing the audio exercise on far enough away and at a low enough volume so that we can clearly and dominantly hear your voice over the sound of the music you are singing along to.

    Press "record" and sing.  This should make an audio file, most likely an MP3 or MP4 that you can "save" and then Upload to a filesharing site.   We prefer that you use Soundcloud or YouTube, as we have the fewest problems hearing demos on those two sites.

    Videos are the best, because we can pick up more about what you are doing by both seeing AND hearing you.  But an audio file is fine, and we can usually get enough information by hearing your voice.

    You will have to open an account on soundcloud or YouTube in order to upload and share your file.  When you get it on soundcloud, go to your page where your demo is posted and then copy the url to your demo.

    Then come here to the KTVA forums and start a posting or go to the POST YOUR DEMOS HERE posting.  Put up a message and paste into that message your copied url. 

    We browse through the new postings and see your message.  We click on your url and listen to your demo on soundcloud.  We are impressed with your progress and offer suggestions on what you might want to focus on in order to move more directly towards your vocal goals.

    You take our suggestions with a grain of salt, and go practice some more.  A month or two later, you come back, all better from practicing and improving, and you put up another demo, and so on...  You keep getting better and better each time...

    Come on, everybody, let's get to singing and posting those demos.

    We're waiting for you...  What are you waiting for?



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