Ik Ken talks about checking all I learned in the past with other coaches in at the door, but I'm so hesitant. I don't want to forget the other things my last vocal coach tought me. I have a range but struggle with lots and lots of fusterating strain. It's like I have to force my sound out to get the power and sound I want. I really just want to sing with freedom. That's when I started looking for other coaches to help me. I stated on Volume 1 about a month ago and don't see much improvement in my singing voice yet. Still have strain and lack of tone quality. Also I'm confused about head voice? Is ken talking about the resonance felt in the head? For example for me I can stretch that chest tone to resonat in my head all the way up to a B5 full. I really want to learn all I can from Ken. I also felt I learned enough from volume 1 to move on to volume 2.


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