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Hi Bob. Ive posted 3 numbers here. More pop orintated and a Jimi Hendrix number 'Hey Joe' in a kinda lounge groove. Again with limited recording equipment. I am currently building a complete recording studio..cant wait till its finished...then I'll give you some real cool stuff. Both on soundcloud. I hope they sound OK. Cheers mate. Tom





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    Hi, Tom!

    Thanks for posting these.  Here's a little constructive feedback for you...

    Something About You:  This is a cool song, by the way.  At 0:28 you could open the word Fate by using the "eh" (as in Led).  I'm looking for just a little more support in this tune, to give it just a little more body in your voice. 

    Shout: On "Come On" be sure to only sound the "N" of on at the very end of the word.  In other words, the note bend that you do should be entirely on the "AH" part of Ah-n, and you just touch lightly on the "n" for a nanosecond before the note ends. "N" is one of those consonants that closes us down, so we don't want to bend a note on an "n".  I'm looking for more support on this song too, especially the top notes.

    Hey Joe: Truly a lounge version.  Your vocals sound fine.

    These are fun songs, and your attitude comes across well in them.  These songs are well-suited to you and I enjoyed listening to them and hearing you.



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    G'day Bob. Hope you're in good health. First up I'd like to say I really apprieciate your help and input in my development. I'd also like to take this opportunity just to let you in on a few things. First and foremost SUPPORT. I CAN do better here and KNOW I can. When I do these demo's I am very limited due to my cicumstances. I have to record these demo's with headphones (I live in a unit complex) also I am actually kinda supressing my support somewhat because if I do go full throttle so-to-speak I think I'll have a few pissed off neighbours...which is really fustrating. So I am actually (in effect) singing within myself which would also result in me not really getting the result I want. Every time I send a piece to you I say to myself yeah Bob's gonna kick my ass about support I bet ya!...(which can be quite puny in some parts and not to bad in other parts) and you're perfectly correct in doing so

    However I am about 1 month away from a fully equipped recording studio (new recording software. sound proofing. mics. compressors. amps ect.ect) as well as moving to a house more approriate for this. As you can see, Im taking this support issue seriously!!!..ha...Also the quality of the recordings will be much better (you'll find that a lot of the vocals are on the verge of distortion....unfortunatley I cant seem to do much about that with the cheap and nasty equipment I currently have.

    With all this said I still feel the other points you note are very helpfull such as the pointers you have provided in these assessments (of which I put into practice right after I read your comments...cool) Man you're good!...ha. I also what to make very clear that I do not post these demo's for praise but for help and honest and constuctive critique (which you do in a very professional and yet positive way and with a bit of humour just for good measure. Bob, I see you as a very talented and professional performer and moderator and hope to work with you for a long time still. I trust you (thats about the greatest compliment I can give a person)

    Sorry about the long post here, but I just needed to make a few things clear. In the mean time I'll keep going and once I have my 'super duper' studio up and running I'm gonna start impressing the hell out of you!!!!!!....Promise....

    Keep well Bob


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    Thanks for the feedback.  I never know if a person is going to feel like I'm being too critical of their demo or performance.  I always want to be honest.  I'm not doing anyone any favors if something sounds bad and I tell them it's great. 

    I understand what you are saying about having to suppress your singing due to the circumstances of possibly disturbing your neighbors.  That IS a very limiting factor, just having that in the back of your mind as you record, besides the need to hold back on the volume and the inability to let 'er RIP!

    Yes, If I hear the need for the "S" word, I will tell anyone and everyone to work on that support. 

    I'm glad you know I'm just trying to lend an ear and then take it back when you're finished with it.

    Then I give you a piece of my mind, and I forget what happens to that.

    Your new setup will help you to work on honing your craft and molding your voice.

    Keep up keeping on.  You keep getting a little better in all kinds of little ways.  That stuff adds up over time and helps to round out the little rough edges.  Next thing you know, things start to sound more and more polished. 

    Take care, and don't get too worried if I pick your performances apart.  That's just what I do, in hopes that some of those little details may help you get to where you want to be. I don't mean to tear you or anybody else down.


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    Mate I'll NEVER be worried or offended by your assessments.In fact I'd be worried if you did'nt ! After all thats why I post my demo's to you. You're a pro and I want advice from a pro. So please pick the bones out my performances. I want to learn and get better. With you I know Im in good hands and totally repect your opinions. In fact I always look forward to reading your feedbacks of my demos. This is one of the many things that sets KTVA apart from the rest. I actually play and have played drums since I was about 12 years old. My teacher used to smack me across the knuckles when I stuffed up. Now thats 'hard school'!.....but I learned very quickly...ha!

    Take care Tom


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    Man!  My drum teachers never rapped my knuckles with a drumstick, but they did keep sending me back to the beginning of the piece to start over.  And over.  And over.

    But that's what eventually turned me into a pretty good drummer.  All of the little details, which when packed together and started from the beginning, actually turned into some very polished performances, start-to-finish.

    Ken does the same thing with our voices.  Picks it apart and puts it back together in a way that's just what we always wanted!!!

    I hope your knuckles are feeling better now!


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    Tell me Bob, why is is that drummers turn to vocals huh? Phil Collins, Terry Bozzio and of course the great Ted Neeley (to mention just a few). I am in communication with Ted on Facebook actually. What a humble man!

    Yeah my knuckles are fine...thanks for asking.

    Cheers Mate. Tom

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    I think it may have something to do with often being in the backline of the band.  Sometimes nobody can see past the wall of guitarists and prancing frontman vocalists.  Maybe there isn't enough spotlight to spare any for somebody bangin' on the bongos like a chimpanzee!  Yes, there actually is someone back there.  Someone who is holding the band together, and also has a voice!

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