Hi Everybody From Rome Italy

Hi Everybody.
It's Frank and I have just recently joined the awesome KTVA Forum after having started Ken's Volume 1. As many other singers here I have tried several different courses online such as SS,Breaking the Chains and 4 Pillars and i improved a bit from each one of them but at the end i was not completely developing the kind of sound for metal singing i was looking for....all this just before coming across all ken's demonstration of what he can do with his voice and I realized that if he can show me how to do it it can be done because the proof is in singing :). So i hope i will record some exercises soon to get some feedback from you.


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    We are glad to have you here, and look forward to helping you with feedback!

     You are just getting started on the part of your vocal journey that will result in the voice you have been looking for in all of those other programs.  You have come to the right place!

    Get Ready to Rock!


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