Hi, David from the UK

Hi, I front a hard alternative rock band called KDM. I play guitar to a very high standard but my singing is more like trying to grunt in key. I've been doing volume 1 of KTVA for 3 weeks and I am just starting volume 2. Since starting I've found higher notes easier and less pain in my throat after rehearsals. My main problem is both pitch control and what I call distorted vocals, to get that gruff tone I have to use my throat and that chokes my notes. Anyway, thats me!

If anyone is interested in hearing my stuff then you can find some recordings here:



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    Hello, davet!

    Welcome to the KTVA forums!

    Be sure to spend plenty of time on each volume doing the exercises, so that you can build in plenty of muscle memory to your body and your reflex systems.  Although you may be proceeding to Volume Two already, be advised that most students spend at least about six solid weeks ensuring they have gotten all of the principles and procedures of Volume One embedded firmly into habit and muscle memory.

    You did mention some issues with pitch control.  Ken has a program that is available to you as an enrolled student at no cost, called "Better Pitch Control - Part One."

    You will find it here on the forums under Better Tone and Pitch.  You might want to do some of those exercises and see if it helps you to sort out just what is happening in your case with pitch issues.

    If you do go on to Volume Two, just keep in mind that you can always go back to previous volumes and lessons for review and re-review.   I do so all the time.  I always see or hear something I overlooked before.

    You will find that this program will really build your voice in ways that will be very beneficial to your vocal development.  You will have a different description of your voice at that time.



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