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Hi, you guys!

I want to set up one home recording studio. But It's the first time I use that so Can you guys tell me what to buy? Thank you so much (>,<)



  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,333

    Hi, @jelly...

    Can you give us an idea what you want to do?  You could spend anywhere from a few hundred bucks to several hundred million dollars...

    Is this to do demos or what?



  • jellyjelly Enrolled Posts: 31

    Hi Bob,

     I just wanna record my songs because It the first time I set up home studio. Thank you so much!

    By the way, can you listen to my record and give me a comment. This is after a few weeks I practice- listen cover. Thank you! (>,<)






  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,333
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    I listened to your demo. 

    In the beginning, you have your throat and mouth closed down.  Later in the recording you open up and it sounds much better then.  So remember to keep your Open Throat to get that nice, open sound.

    Also, remember to do the diaphragmatic breathing like Ken shows in the Volume One video.  You need to support more and let your support do the work.

    As to the recording equipment you are asking about, we would need to know what your limit would be that you could afford to buy before we could try to make suggestions.

    You could google "audio recording" and see what kind of ads pop up.  If you see anything that looks like it's in your price range, you could ask us about it.  That might get some dialogue going.  Are you wanting to sing along to karaoke music tracks?


  • jellyjelly Enrolled Posts: 31


    Thank you so much Bob!

    Yes I want to sing along with Karaoke tracks but I don't have one. I can find on youtube but I don't know it is right and if I can buy online or somewhere at Karaoke place? By the way, I'm continue recording my songs on my channel everyday, can you listen and give me comments. Thank you a lot. (>,<)

    Thank you,



  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Hey Jelly, here's my advice to you.

    1. You need a LOT more support.
    2. Keep up open throat like what Bob said.
    3. Watch the KTVA videos and understand it and apply it to your scales. (In time, it will be worked into muscle memory and support / open throat will just be muscle memory)
    4. Keep doing KTVA audio workouts!!

    Now for the recording part, if you have an iPad or Mac laptop. That is really sufficient for casual recordings in my honest opinion. iPad's microphone is pretty decent. A Mac's is decent as well ;)

    As for home recording studio, if you're going to go with a low budget one, a decent microphone like Shure SM58 would be alright (do correct me if I'm wrong) and doesn't cost a LOT (compared to others), a cheap interface would do I suppose, and a recording software is compulsory. Even Audacity would do. Learning how to operate a recording software is one of the keys to recording.

    As for Karaoke tracks, I'd say just youtube "<song name> <<karaoke> or <instrumental>>". Example : I want to look for Listen by Beyonce karaoke version, I can youtube search "Listen by Beyonce Karaoke" or "Listen by Beyonce Instrumental". Especially for more famous songs, I'm really sure there will be a lot of karaoke tracks there. From there on, you can get the youtube video link and convert the youtube video to mp3 using a "youtube to mp3" website. Try googling "youtube to mp3".

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