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Hi all,   

I am 67 years young, and I have been singing and playing guitar in rock bands on and off (mainly backup vocals) for the last 30 years. 

However at the middle of the 1980's I stopped playing and singing all together for about fifteen years and then recently I retired and with so with plenty of time on my hands I decided to get back into it and start again playing and singing lead vocals. 

I have started a new band (with a bunch of 'young' 50 years old musos) which is great fun and working out really well, but I was so frustrated with my poor degraded range and quality that I decide to invest in Ken Lessons and I have been working with Volume One daily warm up exercises for about four weeks now and really starting to feel some benefit.

So I have recorded a version of 'The Letter' for critique and would appreciate some opinions and pointers.



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    It sounds really good.  Especially the A4 on "anyway".

    Pointers:  SUPPORT.  It will improve your tone and power.  Your support isn't bad, but we can always improve our support.  Eventually you may want to slow the vibrato down a bit.  More support will help with that, too.  It will sound more relaxed and confident with a little bit slower vibrato.

    Your pitch is good and you have a nice tone.  You're just getting started with KTVA, so I have great expectations about where you are headed vocally.  You're obviously young enough to have energy to devote to learning to improve your voice.

    You will only get better and better.


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      Here is a posting that I got in my inbox.  I've moved it here for access to all.  It features our new friend Steve Maher, aka "fogg"...

    foggfogg 8:39PM

    Hi all,  I have now been enrolled in KVTA for just one month and I am delighted with the results.  I practice Kens warm up exercises in Disk 1 on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day when I have evening band rehearsals.

    I am amazed at how much more confidence KVTA has given me regarding, "will I reach that note - or won't I" 
    and I can feel my throat getting stronger every day.

    But don't worry I realise I have a long, long way to go yet... but I am just so encouraged by the results.
    Highwayman (Bob) kindly appraised my last song Joe Cockers 'The Letter' and it was all taken on board here. 
    If you are reading this Bob, I am a little unsure just how to go about "Slowing Down my vibrato"? - 
    I will be happy to do so but as it just comes out like that and I aint sure what to do???

    Anyhow this is an attempt to sing a different style with the great Paul Rogers song 'I feel like makin love'
    Hope I haven't butchered it too much, but we all gotta start somewhere. LOL

    Be most greatful for opinions and pointers.

    Thanks to all
    Steve (aka Fogg)

    foggfogg 8:40PM
    P.S. I was unable to post in the right area "you do not have permission?....."
    Will you please move this to the correct area - Thanks


    Hey, all...
    I moved Steve's newest recording over here in his original demo posting.  Give him a listen on this song and see what you think.  Not bad, eh?  It's one of my personal favorite tunes... FLML!!!
    by Bob for Steve

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    I do love both demos. Very nice vocals! I still work on correct pitch at the FLML chorus (I posted my demo some time ago here) and Steve hits it perfectly!
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    Thanks for the kind comments - long way to go yet  - but your post is encouraging :-)
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    This is a song I wrote and recorded about 8 years ago - I always thought it was a pretty good performance but since I have taken on the KTVA training now and I am re-evaluating my voice I would love to have it critiqued by the experts.

    Thanks Steve (AKA Fogg)

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    Interesting piece, Steve.

    The vocal fits the mood, the approach of the song.  Since you weren't doing KTVA at the time, the usual critiques of the methodology don't really apply.

    Sounds like a Pink Floyd motif. I don't have to tell you the echo/slapback is very strong.  I tend to do the same thing when I'm having fun with a song.  Reverse drums...

    It's a little scary...  but then that's what payback is all about, right?

    Your pitch was right on, so what can I say.  Nowadays I think you would sing it with more support, a bit brighter, but much the same in most other ways.  It fits the song.


    Looking forward to more demos from you as you hone your vocal skills.



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    Thanks Bob, yes I re-listened to my vocal I was making then and it was much darker than I am achieving now. Amazing how much better things are when you use the correct technique, even after only 6 weeks.

    Last night however I had a three hour practice session with my band and stupidly overcooked my voice which left me with a sore throat - Wont be doing that again :-(
    Will be taking it easy for a few day I think.

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