Hi from Sabah, Malaysian Borneo!

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Hello all,

It seems I'm the third Malaysian representative in this forum lol.

Anyway as a brief introduction, I'm mixed-race British-Chinese and was born in Sabah (the paradise part of Malaysia...with tropical rainforests, a mountain in the background, lovely beaches, islands and resorts etc.).

I'm based in the walkable city of Kota Kinabalu, and my company trains people in speaking and singing.

I'm a voiceover artist, singer, emcee, and voice teacher and I love studying different vocal methods!

As a performer, I've had my album played on national radio, performed on national television as a finalist for a Malay song competition, and I've performed in music festivals in China, Malaysia and soon Brunei.

As a teacher, I received a Higher Diploma in Vocals from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, and a Specialist Certificate in Vocal Styles from Berklee. I'm considering of doing a degree in Opera, and a Masters in Voice, but we'll see if i have the time or the inclination in the future.

Mostly, I'm a Bass-Baritone known for singing Jazz Standards in a Jazz duo, but I also sing some Soul, Rock, Reggae and Blues/Gospel standards. However, I would love to learn to sing Opera, Hard Rock, Hip-Hop and a bit of Musical Theatre. My profile photo shows my Jazz piano partner and I after one of our gigs.

I signed up for Ken Tamplin's course because I always love studying and seeing what the latest developments are, and learning from teachers who have been teaching longer than me. :)

So far I've studied SLS, Estill, Berklee, and having done a lot of research into vocal methods, I'm hypothesising that Ken Tamplin's is probably one of the best for Rock/Hard Rock/ (Maybe Metal?), so I'm doing the course now to see if my hypothesis is correct.

It's a pleasure to join you guys on this awesome journey of discovery...


Rene Mark Barrow


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    Hello, ReneB,

    And welcome to KTVA!

    You come here with awesome vocal credentials.  Despite your many studies up to this point, I believe you are going to have a real appreciation for what you are going to learn from Ken.  He has a way of taking all of us, from the most humble of beginnings to those who have walked in the door already having great accomplishments, and hurtling us into the next sphere of capabilities for our voices!

    Do be prepared to suspend what you previously have been taught about the voice in order to more fully experience what KTVA can do for you.  It's not going to teach you opera (unless you choose to study that privately with Ken), but it will most definitely give you a foundation in modern techniques, belting, preservation of your voice and much more. 

    It's exciting to have you on board.  This method is growing in leaps and bounds, both in student membership and also in the content of the course itself.  It's an exciting time to be a student of KTVA!

    Thanks for introducing yourself!


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    Thanks for the welcome @highmtn,

    Don't worry...I'm not expecting KTVA to teach Opera or Musical Theatre...I use Estill for that...but I'm looking forward to learning some Rock and Hard Rock singing, as many of my students love that style of singing!

    So here we go!

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