A long road ahead

Hi all,

Well I finally got around to start practicing off the first CD. Í recorded myself singing to a couple of songs I wrote and man, I am so bad, its almost depressing. Even when I am in key (Im not tome deaf but am flat on notes and have a thin voice) I still don't sound good. I wonder if maybe I am just a person who doesn't have a nice tone to my voice and therefore even when I learn to sing properly will just never sound good. Its so important to sound hot because the genre I sing in is 80's hard rock type stuff, think Sebastian bach, bon jovi, david coverdale etc.

Anyway, I'd like to hear from people who started very green and are now awesome after the course. Be great if you could; send me before and after mp3's. I think this may lift my spirits as Im quite down after hearing myself recorded. I also gave myself an awful cold and sore throat - I must have been doing something wrong so feeling pretty bad all over atm :(

I guess anything worthwhile takes time, in my case, I just hope that eventually my voice will one day sound good.





  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    Hey there,

    I'm not green by any means when it comes to singing but this course really opened a world of possibilities for me vocally. Stay the course work the exercises just like Ken demonstrates give yourself sometime and then judge your vocal ability. I believe anyone can sing it just might take longer in some cases. I started out years ago with pretty wimpy tone but now consider myself to have pretty good. Still miles to go but a whole lot less than when I started. You can check out some of my new tunes at www.wyattmusic.com if you want. All the best!
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    Thanks for the inspiration guys, cheers.
  • WyldeStalyonWyldeStalyon Enrolled Posts: 3
    Hi there sspatrick, I checked out site, very impressed! You have a great voice. Man, I'd be over the moon if I can get to your level.
  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    Thanks a lot I really appreciate it! It's been a long road and I feel I'm finally getting to where I want to be. I started KTVA. About 2 years ago and can honestly say I've grown tremendously in that time. Hard work and patience will get you there!
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