Anger of my Wish - Demo

MarceloMarcelo Pro Posts: 16
Hi guys, this is the first demo of my new song called Anger of my Wish.

I hope your opinions and feedback.

Regards and thanks!


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    sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278

    Good work overall. The tone is pretty covered and dark in the verses which I know is part of the style but you open the mouth a little more and brighten up the tone. Also a little more support would help out even in the lower sections. When you are moving up in range you tend to squeeze off the vowels, open them up remember its the Lah. Start with a clean tone and work at keeping the vowel phrases similar. You can check out the waypoint video on vocal tract shaping to give you the idea. Open the throat first and then you can add the compression for the desired distortion in the tone. I hope this helps.
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    MarceloMarcelo Pro Posts: 16
    Thanks @sspatrick! You are right! The lower parts are very dark but in the highs I tried to open the throat, adding great support and masking the sound. I'll take care even more the aspects that you told me.

    Thank you so much for your feedback, helps me a lot!
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