Hello from Sunny(ish) England!

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Hi all

I'm Leigh from the UK, new to the forum so thought I'd say hello!

I've been singing professionally for 15 years and have recorded 8 commercially released albums throughout Europe and the US, I've also toured heavily throughout Europe.  I've been lucky enough to work with some great producers including Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Slipknot, Opeth etc etc).  Some of my vocal influences/heros are Layne Staley, Ray Gillan, Chris Cornell, RJD, Doug Pinnick.

I'm self taught, honing my voice through tons of recording and live work...

I was really keen to take Ken's course to learn more and hopefully keep improving.  Singing lots of high volume material does give me voice fatigue after a run of 10 or so dates and I'm wanting to improve my voice stamina.  Also I'd like to know more about correct breathing techniques and warm up exercises.

Looking forward to getting my course through the post :-)



PS Here's some of my work, go easy people :-):

Order of Voices - Reaching Down

Order of Voices - Don't Falter

Soldierfield - Leave You In Dirt











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    Whew!  Was that you in that ship on the ocean?  You look like you could use a little meat on your bones!

    You'll learn a lot and build your voice with KTVA.  Follow Ken's instructions and start with the basics.


    This will build the stamina you need for what you're doing with your voice.

    Welcome, Leigh!



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