Hello, happy to be here!

I just purchased the program and am enjoying working with it very much.  I'm a rock/electronica singer/writer from NYC..  I've studied with pretty much EVERYONE (Don Lawrence, Katie Agresta, Melissa Cross, Brett Manning), and I must say, Ken cuts right to the core.  I've been doing original projects for a long time, and I recently started getting involved in the covers/wedding circuit.  My first wedding gig is on Aug 17. I'm super nervous because the repertoire ranges from Frank Sinatra to BON JOVI!!!!!  

Anyone have experience with this stuff??

Ronnie S.



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    Hey, shingelo!

    Welcome to the KTVA Forums!  We're glad you're here.  You will get tons more benefit from this program than any of the programs you've mentioned studying before.

    The covers/wedding type circuit will indeed challenge you to do a wide variety of styles, but that keeps things interesting.  You can get a lot of decent-paying gigs by pleasing the widest range of listeners.

    I'm in a cover band that plays just about everything under the sun.  Just get into the spirit of the music whatever it is and do your best.  If you're genuine, or just having fun, the audience will pick up on that and have fun with you. 

    Weddings are challenging because of the wide age range, which is why you will play a Bon Jovi right after a Frank Sinatra tune.   The trick is to keep it moving and changing so that nobody feels alienated by staying with one extreme or the other.  

    Have some more formal slow songs, waltzes, and then tear it up with some rock.  Just keep the changes moving along, and learn special songs for the occasion if requested.   Be flexible and be genuine about being glad to celebrate with the crowd, whatever the event.



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    shingeloshingelo Pro Posts: 2
    Hey Bob, thank you so very much for your reply and advice, I appreciate it.  The gig is saturday and I feel ready and excited!!!  Stay in touch.

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