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First time posting to a forum environment so I hope I'm doing this correctly.  I have been singing poorly for thirty years but playing the guitar fairly well.  I've played professionally in the past and even gotten to open for a couple of national acts.  After my latest excursion into a band environment where I was asked to do vocals I was promptly asked not to do any more vocals.  Everything I have done with vocals has been self taught and wrong.  Every vocal mistake you can make, I've made it.  I have spent the last three days with Ken's level one videos and am already seeing the errors that have made me a terrible singer.  My band mates told me not to expect anything to change with these lessons because my voice sucks but I'm a stubborn individual with a lot of desire to improve.  I've never been so stoked about making real audible improvements to where I can stomach hearing playback of my voice in the studio.  Thank you Ken!


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    This is great, @eprbeach!  Welcome to KTVA!!!

    You are starting from scratch, basically, and re-writing  your voice. 

    KTVA is the way to do it right from the start.


    Many of us here are on do-overs after watching others take the lead vocals for years.  Now we get the microphone!

    Stay Stoked!  Be diligent with your workouts and record yourself often.  Listen to the playback and make adjustments.  Ask for help when you need it.  Bring your vocal quality up to and beyond your guitar abilities. 

    Reach for the stars.

    Show your bandmates in a few months.  I can't wait to hear their reactions after they realize that things have changed for you vocally.

    Good Singing to You!!




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    Thanks Bob.  I won't let up.  This is something I've wanted for a long time.
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