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Hi everyone, my name is Gennaro, i'm from Italy and i'm going to stat KTVA later this year, any suggestion for a new student? How often Should I practice? How much time should I spend ?

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    Oh great! :) and according to you should I buy the 899$ package or can I just buy the 299$ package? I can only afford the last one
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    Most people here buy the Pro Package.  It's an incredible value.  Ken gives you a huge amount of material that is worth far more than $299.  Ken has spent over thirty years and a million dollars on his voice.  He gives you the benefits of all of his study, time, and research for what is actually a very modest price.

    Some new students may cringe at the thought of spending almost three hundred dollars on their voice but they want to sing and sound like a superstar.  Go figure.

    I've spent a lot more than three hundred dollars on my voice, and most of that went to programs that were a total waste of my money.  I'm sure you've heard of most of them.  KTVA is the only one that proved to be the real thing that was worth every penny, and provides a lifetime worth of growth and progress for the voice.

    I would imagine the $899 package includes some half-hour or one-hour webcams with Ken.  That would be an awesome package, but buying something like that would be entirely up to you.  Ken would spend hours one-on-one with you, working to accelerate your progress. 




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