On right track or not? Any advice?

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Ok. l doing lip rolls one time, and then try just this exercize. So, please, tell me what do you think. l have nice and open throat (or not, but l feel is like that). http://m.soundcloud.com/rashijus/vocal-exercise-la


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    Sounds pretty good, Civitas. 

    My advice is to keep practicing.  It sounds like you are on a good track. 

    It's nice and bright, and sounds like you are supporting well.


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    Thanks, Bob. I will keep practicing. And one questio
  • CivitasCivitas Pro Posts: 23
    And yeah- now l just focused on support and open troat, and working on bright tone on La. In meen time, l try Lah too, but La is priority. Is that ok, or not? Cos l still can't do exercize La-Lah, cos is still p
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    You (and me and everybody else) really need to spend some quality time perfecting your AH vowel. It is so easy to be just a little lazy with it and not realize that your AH could be a LOT MORE AH!!!

    It's easy to let your Lah (as in AH) become a Lah (as in loft) long before you should be modifying. 

    I actually have to work at my enunciation of (of all things!) AH!   Sometimes it's almost like I'm saying It's the Lah!  Loft! Loft!


    So DO focus your LAH, and get it right, really, really LAH!!

    The LAH is your number ONE priority.  Master that before moving on to other vowels.  Then master each additional vowel the same way.


  • CivitasCivitas Pro Posts: 23
    Ok. Thanks, Bob. Thats what l want to hear. :) Focusing on thing one, then do others.
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