Hello from England

Hey everyone, I'm an aspiring singer from the north of England, age 21. I don't have any experience of singing in a group or part of a band, but I like to sing alone and record covers of songs that I like and feel are within my range. I say that because although I'd love to be a Metal singer, I'm a natural baritone and as such tend to struggle to sing a lot of Metal music comfortably. 

If you have any questions or would like to hear anything I've recorded, feel free to ask.


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    Hey, Drakodan!

    Welcome to the KTVA forums! 

    A certain well-know Baritone has worked the KTVA method for some time now and can wail like a banshee well into the tenor and even soprano range.  His name is Ken Tamplin. 

    He has methods and exercises that can increase range, stamina, and  power.

    We talk a lot about that stuff here, mostly in the student areas of the site.  I hope you find things that interest you here.

    Nice to meet you!


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