Hi I'm Wes.

Hi, My name is Wesley.

I have always enjoyed singing. For a while I was actually getting pretty go at it. But I started to hang around a negative crowd, and the negative comments started to come my way. My singing wasn't going win me any talent show's anytime soon, but I was pretty decent and improving. Unfortunately I let the bad thoughts and comments get to me, and with out very many positive influences in my life at the time, I decided to just stop singing altogether. 
I have noticed that I've developed anger issue's and they were getting worse. Until I started to sing again. I have discovered that singing helps keep my anger in check, and ever since I started singing again I have been a bit more mellow. The bad part is I have lost nearly all of my singing ability, (probably due to screaming and not practicing). I want to get better than I ever was before. Mainly because when I sing well I'm calm. 
Right now I'm looking at free tips and safety stuff, until I can afford real vocal lessons. The tips, tricks and safety stuff you guy's have provided so far has been a great help thank you.


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    Hi, Wesley.

    Nice of you to introduce yourself. 

    There is something about being able to sing that can be very important to a person.  I'm one of those persons, too, and I dare say that there is a huge percentage of forum members here that share that feeling.

    I sing because I want to, but also because I feel like I need to.  Singing itself can be frustrating when you get stuck somewhere on something that you have to overcome, but when you have breakthroughs and "AHA Moments" that can be very gratifying.

    I like to think that singing is a part of the "real" me, and an integral part of who I am.

    When I am able to lose myself and the complications of life in the singing of a song with emotional meaning or feeling, it provides a release that helps to still the troubled waters of life's complications and imperfections.

    I hope you can find information here that will be helpful to you. 

    Good Singing to You!


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    Thank you bob. I agree with everything you said. right now it feels like my voice is being stubborn and just does not want to get the tone right. But I know if I stick with it I'll improve eventually. 
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