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I've already posted a few posts and forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Per de Flon, I'm a 50 year (!!!) old former professional guitar player that's been singing occasionally through out the years.
Since the guitar's always been my main instrument I have not taken my singing seriously at all. Well, at my age I find it more and more difficult to sing the songs I used to and I also get hoarse after each gig. Finally after going through tons of (useless?) material on youTube I found Ken and here I am.

Just started with the volumes and I am struggling to get a natural feel specially for the release vowels but I'm also sweating with my support. Is it really supposed to feel like a heavy sit-ups workout? :-o



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    Yes, most singers tend to underestimate the strength required for good support, as well as underestimating the POWER that support will unleash.

    Stay with it and you will become more accustomed to good support.

    You are at a good point in life to start taking vocals seriously.  Before you know it, everyone else will start taking your vocals much more seriously!


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