Hello from Brazil!

Hello everyone!! 

My name is Livio, I´m from São Paulo (Brazil) and just bought the course. I already studied bel canto for some time and I loved how the KTVA is an bel canto approach for rock/pop music. And, damn, Ken can sing a HUGE lot (hahahahah), and so do his students! I completely agree that the proof is in the singing. It´s not just showing how to do (there´re many morons even here that can´t sing, and just ruin their students´ voices. I think it´s one of the most susceptible professions to create charlatans), it´s showing how to do properly and with quality. And Ken certainly does. I´m happy to be one of his students too, now. 

An by the way, my goals are to be the best singer, guitar player and composer that I can. 



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