Critique my singing :)

halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
It's an acapella so it sucks XD

but please do critique anyway would love to hear from you guys and ken :)

hmm I think you should skip the audio about after the 1st verse I was doing karaoke over youtube while recording it on my tablet XD

pls bare with my horrible singing XD


pls leave some input :)


  • andersanders Enrolled Posts: 77
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    I do not think that your singing is horrible. It is not perfect but none of us do perfect singing. You have everything that is important. A wonderfull naked voice and above all a true tear in your expression. You deliver like you mean it and that is the most important thing. You have heart, technique can always be learned. KTVA is a perfect place to start.
    Welcome to the forum!
  • reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159
    aw i think you have great tone. KTVA is an amazing program
  • dingodingo Enrolled Posts: 119
    It definitely doesn't suck my friend!

    I think you have a great full voice and extra props for singing acapella. You have a great tone and melodic way of singing and great phrasing. I agree with anders that your way of presenting is very believable and that is more important than any certain technique. Your pitch is great.

    As you work through the program, your technique will improve and things will just fit together more and it will all get easier. You have a natural talent and the program will just enhance it.
  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
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    wow thanks bro :)

    yeah I try to give emotions when I sing :)
    tnx a lot for that!

    actually I've been on the program for 6 months now XD
    and I never had any vocal lessons
    well i did but I never learned anything
    nor did I improve so I didn't count it XD

    but yeah KTVA is amazing and Ken is amazinger XD
    I could actually say that KTVA was one of the best investments I made in my life
    cuz KTVA right here is the bomb!

    tnx a lot for the input bro :)

  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50

    Tnx bro :)

    yeah I know KTVA is the way to go!

    thank god I found this program It's the friggin best in the world

  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50

    Wow bro tnx a lot!

    both your comments and reesse's really made my day! XD

    I appreciate your input very much man
    I sincerely do :)

    the reason why I probably had some emotion to the song was because
    I could relate to it well :)

    and probably felt that way before too XD

    kinda dramatic I know

    and yes we will all of us work through the program :)

    I can't thank ken enough for making such a great program

    It made our dreams of possibly being a great singer
    reachable and possible

    of course with dedication and practice XD

    and tnx a lot for the inputs :)
    I appreciate them a lot :)
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    It's pretty good! A bit flat at some times but it's all good xD. Good job :D though you sound like you are covering up the sound? Hmm I'm not sure xD. I think you need more of the ah vowel placement and keep the open throat :D.

    Oh and, I don't think all of them are "bros" xD
  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
    Hey kokonuhtz tnx a lot for the feed back :)

    yeah Ima try to not make it flat :)

    not all of them are bro's?
    XD hahahahah

    ok my bad hahahha
  • dingodingo Enrolled Posts: 119
    I think me and reese are of the female persuasion :)
  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
    What? Really? Hahhahahaahahahahahh XD my bad ladies didn't know
  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    Yes sir, your going places!
  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
    @ mvision thanks a lot man :)

    I appreciate the compliment :) and I appreciate it more that you took the time to listen :)

    Thank you :)
  • SpareheadthreeSpareheadthree Enrolled Posts: 1
    That is a far cry from horrible singing! Did you write that yourself? The lyrics and melody are beautiful.
    I'm no pro, but it sounds to me like you've really got the shape of it. Your phrasing is natural and your interpretation comes through really well. Stick with the program and the pitch, timbre, and support issues will clear up. Really awesome stuff. Stick with it!
  • reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159
    :) yep im a lady!! And Never a problem!! I love Ken Tamplins program forever and always :D
  • DaverevadDaverevad Member Posts: 44
    I thought you did a great job halcyon.
    We are all here for the same reason... .to be the best singers we possibly can... so it's all good.

  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    TO BE QTHE BEST THAT WE CAN BE!!!! /quote from Pokemon Johto journeys opening song :D
  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
    Yeah you guys are cool :)

    We are all here for the same reason :)

    damn I've never met lotsa cool people b4

  • PeteMurphyPeteMurphy Enrolled Posts: 95
    I just listened and wanted to add that I really like the sound of your voice. It seems like it took you a few seconds to get your confidence, but then you settled in and belted out some really great notes. Your voice has a nice, rich sound to it.

    It would be great to hear a more recent clip to hear how you're progressing.
  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
    @PeteMurphy: sure man I'll try soon :)

    I think I got better?


    anyway thanks a lot for taking time to critique :)

    It's very much appreciated :)

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