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Hello forum!
I bought this program about 1-2 months ago and have been working the volume 1 exercises for an hour and a half 6 days a week (combined with watching all the videos about 5 times a week). I have allways wanted to sing but never really taken the big step to actually get better so I would love some feedback to realize what I need to change. 
So, I sang the song "Somebody to love" by Queen, it's out of my range but I sang it a bit off pitch to manage it, and I'm from Sweden so my english ain't too great.
P.S. Forgot the lyrics at one part, so dont be too harsh on me for that.
Thank you!


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    Hi, andersson,

    Not to complain, but it would be helpful if we could hear the backing track (music) at a low level so we can tell how your pitch is doing relative to the music and key.

    Initially I can tell that you need to be building your support more.  I'm listening for support, pitch, and contiguous vowels.  It's OK if your English pronunciation isn't perfect.

    This isn't too bad for someone just starting out as a singer. 

    If you can re-record this with the musical tracks very light in the background and your voice predominantly in the foreground, we could probably give you better advice.


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    Thanks for the response! Yeah, I'll try to get around recording a new cover this week, I also forgot to ask another question about nodules and other things bad technique could cause. Each day I do the exercises I seem to be able to use less and less air from time to time, but also seem to lose some notes on the top of my range when I do so, should I change something dramatically or just be patient and keep reducing the use of air? Could it be harmful? Thank you for taking your time//Andersson
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    Make sure you are alternating singing lightly with leaning into it more. 

    If you are tightening your throat muscles to get through the high notes, then your cords will lose resiliency.

    You need to keep your cords limbered up, and one way to do that is to sing lightly after stretching them out. Especially if you are going into any distortion, you need to sing cleanly so you don't get stuck on the distorted sound all the time.

    Holding back the breath/regulating the air is important to avoid blowing out the cords.  These setbacks usually only last for a short time, but you need to stop overdoing it with excessive air pressure.  If you keep that up with your workouts, the notes you are missing won't have a chance to come back.  It's overuse of the cords in a way that should be avoided. 

    This brings us back to support, which if done properly, helps to prevent overpressurizing the cords.


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    Thank you for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it, I'll try to keep these things in my mind! Happy singing and good luck to you both!
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