I want to know if I pay Ken $10,000, can have in studio less. for 6mons.?

I want to know if I pay Ken $10,000, can i take the vocal mastery class for six months, even though I don't tour. I just want to private lessons and develop my voice secretly - See more at: http://kentamplinvocalacademy.vanillaforums.com/discussion/3008/private-studio-lessons#latest

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  • terryturkterryturk Pro Posts: 9
    Well it was a little more then being serious. I'm going to school for recording arts. When I graduate I want to become a student of Kens until I bring out my full potential. The reason why I ask for the $10 grand part was because of cost effectiveness. I would have to travel to California and get settle. I most likely have a job so I was going to save my money to where I can get all the time I want (need) with Ken and or staff.....
  • terryturkterryturk Pro Posts: 9
    ok since that is your response twice then I WILL TAKE IT AS GOSPEL (TRUTH), thank you so much Mr. :D
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