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I just ordered Ken's DVD/CD bundle and am looking forward to learning from his guidance and the wisdom of the KTVA forum members.

I've been singing and playing (started as a guitarist first also) in bands since the 80's ("hair bands like Warrant & Poison", "80's prog metal like Maiden, Queensryche, Dream Theater", "70's prog rock like Rush, Boston, and Journey", 80's new wave like Duran Duran, INXS, Police and Oingo Boingo, and recently 90's+ alternative contemporary pop/rock like Barenaked Ladies, and Gin Blossoms)

I put out a CD around 2001 of a Progressive Pop/Rock style, but learned my vocals needed to be better to be taken seriously, so I started taking vocal lessons by buying Mark Baxter's "Singer's Tool Box" over ten years ago, and also took about 6 or 7 private lessons from him via VHS tape (since the internet wasn't set up for skype and doing live internet lessons), then recorded several songs for a Queensryche'ish rock opera and was able to hit all my notes, and turned my tunes into "TAXI" around the 2004 time in hopes of getting a bite.... nothing but rejection (with comments like, "hey, if this were the 80's you'd be on the radio", or "nobody cares about hairbands anymore"

So I gave up on being a rockstar and just played for fun in cover bands around the Phoenix area.  I bought Brett Mannings "Singing for success" used on ebay, price was fair, and I didn't know of any other products out with good references.  Some of the warm ups seemed good at relaxing and warming up my vocal chords, but man is that stuff boring to get through, and just seemed to have "too much" stuff that, overall, wasn't helping me out.  More recently I've seen Brett on youtube and his TV appearances, and to put it as nicely as possible... just haven't connected with him.

I also took private lessons form a classically trained opera singer in the hopes of building my voice to be strong enough to handle surviving through multiple gigs and not being hoarse, but stopped after about 6 months or so due to the financial cost, and time limitations.  To be honest, the weekly sessions, were helping, and my band mates commented on how much better I was sounding, but I'd still get tired/hoarse after doing the few Journey and AC/DC tunes we covered.

It's been about 4yrs since I stopped playing and gigging (wanting to spend more time with my kids, and family/work related priorities), but I've had a hankering for getting back into getting myself back into shape for playing live again in the next few years.  I wasn't planning on getting anything at this stage, but was encouraged through Ken's youtube vids, and responsiveness on the internet.

I want Ken and his team to know that his online youtube vids, and his cool, laid back style, (not too mention good sense of humor wrt the tosh clip) had me buying into Ken, and is the reason I purchased the bundle.  Would love to have an opportunity to meet Ken if I'm ever near Costa Mesa, he seems like a real decent dude.  The marketing is pretty bold, and all over the place, and I "get it", you have to get the word out about your product... but I suspect there are skeptics who might see it as promising too much, or too good to be true (perhaps I was in that category), and yes, Ken shows himself really singing, and he answered one of my comments about him having a rare gift of being able to mimic other voices (from Johnny Cash, to 80's wailers, to thick heavy belters like James Hetfeild and Daughtry), to where he explained his humble beginnings.  

But to be honest, I still feel like he was born with a gift that allows his ability to go so low and high with tremendous control of tone and sound.  It just took him awhile to discover and develop his ability, and base this opinion on the results shown from you tube vids from students (which are good, but not Ken Tamplin level).  No disrespect intended to the singers who have a lot of guts to post their lessons on the internet for anyone to view, there is a lot of good stuff out there, but from the ones I've seen, it looks like their faces are contorted in such discomfort towards singing some of the 1st tenor / alto type songs (men & women).  They are hitting the pitches, but at times look like they are pushing it, and are not showing the relaxed feeling that I think an audience wants to see.

Perhaps I'm way off on this, and am hoping to be proven wrong; but I've also had the same problem when singing Journey or Skidrow to where I'm told the notes were there, but it was uncomfortable to watch me sing them.

I've put my money where my mouth is, so I'm looking forward towards learning from the KTVL community.



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    Nice intro, @Hodgepodge.

    You have a bio that is familiar to many here on these forums.  You're in good company.

    Your theory about Ken's natural gift is interesting, if not a bit on the skeptical side.  You must be hoping you're wrong, or it would seem a bit silly to purchase a product you don't expect to deliver.

    I would like to reassure you that the glass is more than half full, to the point of overflowing. 

    You are about to embark on a journey, that if you do your part, will be very rewarding for you vocally.

    You walk in the door with a lot of experience and, most likely, talent.  Please check your coat, hat, and previous vocal training at the door, and give Ken your full attention and cooperation. 

    The students you have heard on YouTube do not have the 30 years of experience with Ken's methods that Ken has.  This is not an overnight process.  Even for you, it will take considerable time and effort to build into the singer you are going to become if you really focus and apply yourself to this program.

    With your knowledge and previous experience, you must know that Ken is the ONLY vocal coach that can sing ANYTHING like he can, and if you pay strict attention to his instructions, you will see that he is teaching you things that no other vocal coach is capable of teaching you.  Ken is a very focused vocalist and musician.  He DID start from almost nothing and has taken himself all the way to where he is now.  Yes, we all have physical limitations, but most of Ken's accomplishments are just that: ACCOMPLISHMENTS from hard work.

    I look forward to hearing your demos and being blown away as you improve beyond your wildest expectations.  I have great expectations for you, Hodgepodge. 

    Nice to meet you.  :^)



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    Thanks Bob I appreciate your feedback.  Definitely didn't mean to come off as arrogant, very impressed with Ken's ability and nature.  Improvement in anything comes from learning from the best, and I am sure to learn and improve from Ken's methods.

    I hope that as a pro member, that I'll get the opportunity to hear and see some of the students who have been training for a while.  I enjoyed cgreen's "Anyway you want it" recording when I had member access.  I'm interested in seeing if he or other students have some video footage of them performing.

    I've got a long time table to work with, family and job are priorities.  Singing and performing is a hobby I enjoy and look forward to improving.
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    I have been enjoying Ken's DVD set, and to be honest will be spending quite a bit of time on the 1st DVD.  Its tough for me to let my "gut" hang out while singing, will have to re-train myself.   I've been used to keeping it tight because flat abs look good. :)

    I'd like to post my baselines, here's a link to some songs recorded in 2004 (I wrote them and pre-recorded in cakewalk to make a copyright in 2001) (after I spent several VHS lessons with Mark Baxter between Phx and Boston to get me in shape to sing my originals the way I wanted.  These are recorded at the Salt Mine, a professional recording studio, so it's fairly polished)


    The song "Everlasting Flame" is probably the best one that shows my range (or at least what it was in 2001)

    I'd like to post some short video clips that are more recent of me doing covers, that are a better assessment where I'm at now.  Need to figure out the best way to put videos up for just this forum, they are no way close to good enough for youtube.  Any recommendations on where to put the clips up would be appreciated.

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    You can put clips on YouTube that are private.

    That might be an option for you.



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