Hi from Beirut, Lebanon

My name's Rayan, and I live in Beirut, Lebanon.  After a lot of research and scouring forums, I bought the KTVA bundle.  I've never taken voice lessons before, but I've been singing for maybe 15 years.  I probably have a lot of bad habits to break.... I look forward to diving in.  

The main reason I chose KTVA?  The pedagogy emphasizes strengthening your belting mid-range, which is what I want to do.  Right now, I can't sing much higher than an E4 in my full chest voice (Even though I can hit tenor C in my falsetto).  Go figure.

I'm trying to download these videos....but for those of you that don't know, internet sucks in Lebanon...and there are constant electricity outages....  So it might be a frustrating process.  :-) And I might not be able to get started for another week depending on the download process.  hayk libnan....

Look forward to interacting with many of you!

Very Warmly,



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