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Hi KEN I saw you online :)

Hey Ken im the new little guy who knows nothing and thinks he knows it all from all the youtube videos he watched lol. Thx for creating this forum. the people around here are really nice and take the time to help with any questions i might have. You see it all the time hurry hurry im going to get to the next note. higher i got to be able to sing my unicorn song (faithfully by the way). funny this is like the biggest reason besides wanting to be truly noticed while im singing karaoke. thx for sharing your talent with the rest of the world. its been well worth the expense.



  • SteveKSteveK Pro Posts: 556
    this is my vocal evaluation i sent to ktva before i even joined the forums.... i watch you and ryan a million times learning faithfully. i'm posting this as a reminder why i should keep my focus on working your program with no short cuts. also to remind myself to buy a mirror that doesnt fog up.. gotta keep that tongue down and stop taking things i learn a blowing them out of proportion means what seams right and its not. i'm just so excited about having this program and seeing all the things im learning i feel like a little kid. i get carried away sometimes lol.

    thx again your friend

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    I'm not sure why, but I can't get your demos to play.  Perhaps it's something on my end, but they just aren't working for me.  Perhaps not for others, either.



  • SteveKSteveK Pro Posts: 556
    ill check but i dont know why never set any settings. but im off to cedar point today. cu later
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