Hey all!

I was wondering what websites are good to upload a demo to. Unfortunately my phone seems to have problems with sound cloud. I hope to record a demo soon.

I have to do most things via phone as my laptop is broken at the moment.



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    We prefer Soundcloud.  It seems to be the site with the fewest problems, even though sometimes there are glitches there.

    When people start using their own favorite sites for audio demos, the moderators can get bogged down with too many issues of logins, memberships, popups, having to convert files and file suffixes, etc...   It has gotten crazy sometimes.

    We just want to hear you, give you a good evaluation and helpful feedback, and to be able to move on to the next person's demo and help them, too.  If everyone uses Soundcloud it helps us to keep things moving.

    Thanks for asking.  Maybe the Soundcloud issue can be corrected on your phone.  Have you taken it in to your phone vendor?  Maybe they can help.



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