Hello everyone - I'm new here

Hello everyone,

just ordered the course the other day and I'm really looking forward to getting started when it arives. I'm really interested in the song writing tips as I've had lots of lyrics that have came to mind in the past. My nephew and his freinds are wanting to get a band together and are creating a lot of song tunes. The sound they're looking for is rock/metal so this course looks to be the exact direction I'm wanting to go with voice technique and style. I'm looking to develope an aggressive rock/ metal sound as opposed to a soft voice like christian rock artist Chris Tomlin. Also want to learn how to actually put the lyrics I've written to the music that is created as we go along as well as home recording studio equipment. Looking forward to any and all advice others on here can give me. Haven't received the invitation for full forum access yet so my access is still limited. I hope to hear from all of you all soon,



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