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Hey y'all, I have been doing KTVA volume 2 for a while now and im getting better slowly but surely :) I know that Ken said that learning how to sing properly takes patience and time. I was just wondering if anyone in KTVA has had doubts about their singing ability during their journey to training their singing voice. I have serious confidence issues when it comes to my singing. Though it might be me due to being a perfectionist and wanting everything to be pure and crystal. Issues that make my confidence go down are carrying the chest to head and vice versa. Am I the only one who is feeling this way.


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    Of course we all have self-doubts.  That's just part of the journey.  That's the part where we beat ourselves  up needlessly!!

    What we are teaching ourselves to do through our KTVA lessons and workouts is to become vocal athletes.  It's not easy teaching yourself to be a vocal superman or superwoman!  There's plenty of Kryptonite along the way, as well!

    Not that many body builders or world-class athletes got into shape in just a year or two, let alone world-class singers.  We will never be through working on our voices, until we just quit singing altogether, and for me, that will be Never!!!   

    Nevah give up!!! Nevah, Nevah, Nevah!!!

    Yes, it's slow.  So is watching muscles build.  So is watching someone mature.  But every day you keep putting effort into your journey is another day towards reaching your goals.  You won't reach them all today, but you might reach one goal today.  Or tomorrow.  Or next week....

    These can be difficult techniques to master.  Perseverance will get you there. 

    My recommendation is to stop being such a perfectionist because it is simply not possible for you to be perfect.  Instead become an excellist, because it is completely possible for you to become excellent...  And excellent is good enough. 



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    Thanks @highmtn :) I will listen to your advice and become an excellist instead of a perfectionist. There is another saying that I have heard . "you cant just say 'oh I have a dream' , but you have to tell yourself 'oh I have a journey to take and bruises to make to get to that dream":)
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    Just a little better every day.  That's progress.   Perfection, for me, is beyond the horizon... but a little better is here today, here tomorrow, and helps me on my way to more excellence!

    Sometimes a little better is so much better than last year at this time.  Sometimes a little better is better than I ever thought I could be. 

    On a wonderful journey, getting there is more than half the fun!

    :  ^ )



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