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I joined recently, having studied another popular SLS vocal method. :) I have to say after only a few days that I am really encouraged by the immediate results of using the open throat technique, the emphasis on support and breathing, and vowel modifications. Wow. Before I joined, I submitted my vocal sample to Ken, and he mentioned 2 of those points in my particular sample, and he nailed it. I'm glad I've found a technique that I'm truly excited about. Thank you, Ken.

I wanted to go ahead and share with you guys that many of my problems have stemmed from some mental blocks: stage fright, etc. What I didn't realize before was the impact of that fear in my physical singing. Because I had internalized some negative feedback I received long ago, before I had enough of a voice to fairly even evaluate, I was literally trying to be quiet at the same time I was trying to project. This resulted in some funky restriction in the throat, without proper support or breath, and the result (while allowing me a mean Billy Corgan impression) was not ideal. This was completely mental and an astute vocal coach once pointed it out to me.

I think that's been an important point in my recent development. I've been afraid to be loud and open. Now I understand the opposite problem of overbelting when training (can be bad), but I was literally physically trying to hold my own voice back to stay "quiet" without me even knowing it. I have since learned to relax and let the full "bad" voice come out, because it eventually learns, through technique, to guide itself. If I had to describe it a different way, it's like trying to map the contours of an invisible surface using water. You have to let enough water come out before you can even see the landscape of what's possible. I was kinking my own hose, so to speak.

When you finally unleash a kinked hose, water will spray everywhere (your voice may sound awful), but you have to relax and let it go. Let it go to be free, then it can grow from where it is. Also - let your voice be what it is. I never liked my own bright nasal mask, but I've grown to appreciate it over time as it allows me to do some cool punk stuff! You have to give your (weird, funky, whine-y, whatever!) voice a chance. For me, singing is completely connected with our own appreciation of ourselves, and learning to love your voice is akin to learning to appreciate yourself. Do it!

Many of you are more seasoned than me, and I'm happy to be in a forum of people who care and understand the importance of the joy of singing. Some people just don't get it, and I'm aware that we aren't always supported by people who understand. Even some of my friends with voices that may be considered "naturally gifted" don't even share the same enthusiasm as I do. And that's fine, but I'm glad to be in the company of people who do.

All the best to you and keep working hard.


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    You are among friends now!  You have a lot of enthusiasm, and that will carry you very far!  There is plenty of time to work on your vocal techniques, and if you allow your voice to blossom and flow, much is possible!

    It's great to have you here with us!


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    I really like your approach to singing. You have a lot of insight, and I enjoyed reading this. You are very welcome to be totally open and share whatever you want here. Welcome!!


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