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some advice

Hey guys and gals!

I really would love to be able to sing Alone by Heart, but i struggle with the chorus. I think maybe its because my passaggio is weak or i I need to stretch my chest voice further. I do have a very good chest voice and my range is a quite high. I lack the ability to make my head voice sound nice and not piercing.

Any help or advice to get me going would be great. I have been studying singing for three years and i should be able to sing it by now but I can't and its frustrating.



  • TrineTrine Enrolled Posts: 269
    Why don't you post an example of you singing Alone? That will make it much easier to answer. I also work with Alone, a great song, so I can share my experience with you.
  • JamieHJamieH Pro Posts: 71
    Me getting an example up is a problem as i use my phone for everything haha. But i will try in the next few days, even if it is a capella. Thanks
  • JamieHJamieH Pro Posts: 71

    Hey, i have taken a recording for you listen to. Please bare with me because this is going to affect your ears badly haha. This example shows just how weak my voice is in the mixed voice and how much i need to work on it. I know myself that it is not good but i want to upload it for training purposes. After three years of studying vocals at college I really should have this blend between my chest and head voice on songs like this. As you will hear in the recording I nearly choke of the sound as i am trying to stay mixed instead of pushing my chest voice. I'm still on volume 1 and i don't think that covers stretching chest voice yet.

    Anyway i will have the video ip tonight hopefully.

  • JamieHJamieH Pro Posts: 71
    @Trine @highmnt @cgreen @sspatrick

    I have tagged you guys because you all great at advice and feedback. Here is my demo, I know its bad but I really need some help.

  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410

    You sound good in the verses, but your approach for the chorus is fundamentally wrong imo.
    "i am trying to stay mixed instead of pushing my chest voice."

    Well, that's a high belted song, pushing your chest voice is pretty much what you want to be doing. Not straining of course, but singing in a high mix is still a product of being in an extension of chest voice.
    In your demo you are going into pretty much clean head voice. It doesn't actually sound bad, but it's more of an RnB approach that doesn't go so well with a classic rock sound.
    The people you have tagged are about to come in and scream "support support support" in your face now haha :) But that's basically what you need for the choruses: a lot more power. You can still stay light and pretty on the verse, but for the chorus you need to really open it up and blast out the vocals.
  • JamieHJamieH Pro Posts: 71
    Hey @ragnar, thanks for you help, much appreciated! I think it sounds so bad haha. So i have to push my chest voice with more support? Ok i will try that.

    Sometimes though I'm not sure more support is what i need though. I feel like i physically cannot go up the chorus in chest voice without my larynx shooting right up. Its a hard song to hit. What did you think about my high notes before the last chorus ?
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