Former Brett manning wreck

Hello all, I'm a newly started KTVAer for a little over a month now. To put it simple, everything is so much more natural and easier, my range has stretched rather substantially and I am pretty stoked! I had done Brett mannings singing success on and off for a year until I said "Screw it, I'm getting Ken Tamplins course!" So far I only have one issue, for the vowel modifications I'm having an issue on getting my uvula to raise, at all. The only way I've been able to get it to raise is singing opera style but then my voice cracks. Anyone else have this problem too?


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    Welcome to KTVA, Sandpapergrit30!

    You have found by now that there is a huge difference in KTVA and SLS, SS, or any other vocal program.

    Lots of people are not successful with getting the uvula to raise initially.  That's OK if that happens to you. 

    Just keep working on it and it will eventually start to rise.  It's only on the high notes that it should do that.

    You should send an email to ktvahelp@gmail.com and request that your forum status be upgraded to the level that you have purchased from KTVA. 

    Copy and paste into your email a copy of your KTVA purchase receipt.  That will give you access to more information here on the Forums. 


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    The old saying is: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. The only thing that Speach Level Singing (SPL) teaches us (I did BMSLS2.5yrs with some improvement) is that the natural speaking volume of the voice is more than sufficient to meet our needs on or off the mic. You don't need to shout or scream to be heard. Just start with the volume of your talking voice. 

    By reprograming poor singing ideas and habits of 30 years using KTVA techniques to understand and be shown exactly what is vocal compression and its relation to vowel modifications, it is easy to see where SLS not a viable long term solution adressing the problem of contemporary singing.

    So, "keeping the baby:"
    I use the thought of "SLS" as a kind of of way to recalibrate my sense of shaking off the tension back to NOT SHOUTING.  Which was and can be a problem for me. while remembering to support columns and settle into compression.
    "Throwing out the bathwater?" Everything else about SLS.

    I never go though the whole KTVA work out all at once. I'll do two or three exercises and the then take a short break (like between reps at the gym). Let any sense of tension dessolve and then do some more. It is especially difficult to remind myself that these are WARM UP exciseses. DO NOT JUDGE YOUR WARM UP!! Start gently. I am a baritone, but buy the time the sun sets, I can howl at the moon like a tenor and some "way up in the soprano" when I want to now. And, I ain't gonna lose my voice.

    As long as I warm up.

    The fact is that if I want to sing that day, I do the warm up. It doesn't matter how many days in a row I do it, if I don't do the warm up, my instrument doesn't work right.
    How Zen is that?
    For lack of one hour.
    If that's the price.
    I'll take the blue pill.

    Don't try to "belt it out," just release into the song.
    Nurturing the correct vocal habit is the key.

    2nd year "Masters Class for Dudes"
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    if it raises when you say "ITS THE LAW AH" then do what I did,
    basically BEFORE every Execution of the excersice say the phrase, this means
    "ITS THE LAW alaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa"
    this is how i personallly made it happen, hope it helps
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