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  I'm glad to get started really singing (I've been singing backgrounds for about a year or 2 in my band, but now I want some lessons on how to do it correctly). I have probably beginner question. I've been going for about a week and a 1/2 now (not long in music terms I know, I'm a bass player by trade). But am wondering  how long it took the more adept singers to get used to hearing your own voice. I'm new like a said, I'm still trying to get down the vowel modifications down pat before I move on ( I'm on EE) It's pretty easy to follow along with the (root - 3rd - 5th - octave - 5th -3rd, root) scale they all are built off, I get that ...but recording myself with my band practices, I'm still hating the sound of my own voice for harmonies/background vocals. It takes me a second or 2 to even recognize it!
  My question is....is it like this for everyone?  and our voices will "clean up" with practice and sound more like we want? Or do we have to train our ears to know that this is "our voice"?  From my head/diaphram/throat I can feel like I'm doing this how Ken is saying. My throat is open (got a hand-held mirror just for reference) and I'm not winded even after singing backgrounds and harmonies through a 3-4 hr band practice, no throat pain,etc....the band tells me sounds great, so I'm excited when I go home, and then I listen to the recordings (which are taken straight from the board and I record them into my laptop) and I cringe at the tone. Sorry if this is super noob-ish, I've never had a single vocal lesson, and youtube vids convinced me to try this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    Yes.  Just about everybody hates the sound of their own voice until it starts to develop a consistent tone and body that is more technically correct, as well as artistically pleasing.

    The fact is that we don't know what our own voices sound like to others because we are used to hearing our own voice from inside our own skull. We have a different preconceived notion of what we sound like, which is basically wrong.

    Just ignore this part of the process, the beating yourself up part.  Know that you're on your way to sounding better than you ever thought possible.

    After a while you will catch yourself hearing yourself sounding really good and liking it, before you realize that it's you!  Then you'll start picking it apart again. 

    Listen to the lessons.  DO record yourself often, if not all the time.  That's the fastest way to improve, once you get past the dislike of your own voice.  It's just something you need to get over so you can move on and get your voice sounding the way you want it to sound.

    Try to like your voice just like you would anybody else's voice.  You're prejudiced against yourself!



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      Thanks for the advice... nice to know I'm not the only one! :) Working to be ready for Level 2 soon, but really want to get this one down before moving on! Thanks alot for the insight from someone much more experienced.

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