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Pain in vthroat muscle..

OK so when I did the exercises (Vol2) the other day, I noticed a minor pain in a throat muscle next to the larynx (by the base of the throat on the left side ).. I tried doing it more lightly from but the pain persists (mostly when im on the E scale).. 
Im going vocal rest (zero speaking) for next two days to see if it helps.. 

Has anyone else here experienced that kind of pain? What is that muscel and how is it involved?

Btw my voice is fine and always felt great otherwise after doing the exercises.. 

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    RobinsRobins Pro Posts: 33
    @Bob  I have no idea where the pain in that muscle comes from, I monitor myself like a hawk when exercising.. Ill see if it goes away by itself otherwise im gonna follow your doctor advise..

    Thanks bro! :)

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