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I have been enrolled for roughly 10 months now or so. Not sure about the exact time I started.
I'm on volume 2 and 3. Still having a hard time with the glottis compression. But I have faith. And best of all, I have patience.

I often make covers to try get som feedback from my community.
However, I did not get much feedback on this video. This annoy me a lot. Because I feel good about this cover.

I would hope to get a little feedback in here. I sing because I love it. It brings me a lot of joy. I have a band as well. And this song is one of the songs we perform with. But recording a song is not really anywhere near the same as performing live. But I did my best.

Yours Sincerely
Thomas :-)


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    AmotarasoAmotaraso Pro Posts: 18
    I still don't know how to link a video. It only shows the link. Not the video it self :-/
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
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    You are using a nice, bright tone.  The distorted sound you are using sounds good and also sounds healthy to me.

    Your pitch is good and you seem to be using adequate support.  Tongue position seems good, jaw positioning good.   

    You are putting out a good feeling with this song.  You seem to be enjoying yourself, and that is a good thing to convey as a vocalist. 

    Your patience will help you to persevere.  You are on a good track.  Keep going.  You're on your way!


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    AmotarasoAmotaraso Pro Posts: 18
    ohhh thanks a bunch Bob!
    This was exactly what I needed to hear :-)

    I highly appreciate this. Thank you
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