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I'll be able to sing Zeppelin, Rush songs?

Well, I just started the course, and rigth about now I can't sing really high note like zeppelins, rush or motley crue songs, I'm able to sing for example Going to California by Led Zeppelin all the high notes but I can't sing the part "It seems that the wrath of the gods got a punch in the nose..." I'm a Baritone, and with determination and pratice i'll be able to sing songs like, Fly by Nigth, Rock n Roll or Home Sweet Home??? 

Cherrs, Alexander


  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    Maybe. If your work ethic and self-discipline is good enough over the continuous span of the next years, then yeah sure that's very possible.
    The fact that you think you are a baritone, which there's a good chance you aren't, holds next to importance in the matter, other than the psychological boundaries you set up for yourself because of it.
  • moonbersmoonbers Member Posts: 8
    what do you mean by "I think i'm a baritone" maybe i'm not? i'm a tenor or high baritone and I don't know it yet?
  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    edited October 2013
    Every beginner calls himself a baritone because of an inability to reach high notes, when really it's a question of technique and not voice type, which really only is a useful concept in opera and maybe musicals.
  • moonbersmoonbers Member Posts: 8
    Well I've been singing for one year, and rigth now i'm not making any progress so thats why I bougth the course, I'm really confident that one day I'll sing really high notes, I'm only 17 haha but thank you very much  Ragnar, I hope you're rigth!
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