hi my name is Tharit im from Thailand

Hi again im Tharit from Thailand i hope to improve my vocal soon once i get the bundle
 i have bought the bundle and my dream is to sing like many jrock songs and power metal
MY idol is
Tobiast sammet (farvorite of all time)
Ryuichi kawamura
Tonky kakko
Klaus maine
hansi Kursch
Masatoshi ONO
Hyde (Larc en ciel)

Nice to meet you all vocalist around the world.

Thank you :)
Tharit T.


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    Hello, Tharit!

    Welcome to the KTVA forums!

    WOW!  That's quite a list of international superstars you want to be able to sing like.

    KTVA is definitely THE singing method that will prepare you for the challenge of the kind of vocals you aspire to sing!

    It requires a commitment from you to put in the time and effort as Ken lays out in the lessons and exercises. 

    You will really like what is about to happen to your voice.



  • rais3tongrais3tong Posts: 14Pro

    Thank you Bob i used to be in a sls program which everything ken said was true i realised it when i sing the power is not that much when i sing and it just random exercise that i can apply in singing,

    now sls made my chest voice not strong i because when  i sing i used a chest then i think i went to head voice but didnt shift to head so it drags up my chest voice no i dont have a strong chest voice let see if i rest and will be back to normal that happen to me yesterday. any advice on that? :)

    I cant wait to get my dvd and get started.!

    Thank you  Bob

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    Just pay strict attention to the instructions Ken gives on the DVDS, and do your exercises everyday.

    Your results will be a much stronger chest voice than with SLS.



  • rais3tongrais3tong Posts: 14Pro
    edited October 2013
    i mean it was because last week i was not careful enough i still had a powerful chest when i sing and then  itry to sing high song becuase of my ambition that i want to try to sing scorpion- still loving you and then after that my chest voice is weak feel lumpy nothing to graps when im singing  i feel like this for sometime now. any idea why that happen?

    i hope to get the dvd soon and let you know the result
    Thank you bob

  • TungPavintTungPavint Posts: 18Pro
    Hii Tharit,

    Glad to see friend from Thailand, im Tung Pavint, Bangkok, All the Best!
  • rais3tongrais3tong Posts: 14Pro
    tung.p said:
    Hii Tharit,

    Glad to see friend from Thailand, im Tung Pavint, Bangkok, All the Best!

    Hi Tung nice to meet you too i am from Bangkok but currently lives in Chicago.! :)  All the best  to you too do you play skype ?

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