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Register Confusion?

Hi Everyone! I'm a 17 year-old male who's going to buy KTVA as soon as I can which will probably be Christmas.

I'm imagining this isn't a very common issue, at least not among men, as I've been unable to find anything to help me anywhere. I hope there's no problem with posting this here as I'd like to sort out the issue before I buy KTVA (which is something I am really looking forward to).

When I sing, I do not sing in the same section of my voice that I speak in. I seem to have 4 sections to my voice that I've discovered alone. Register 1 is the one I speak in which always seems to require a bit too much effort to be my natural register - ranging from E♭2-D3. Just in case it helps I speak at around 130 Hz, but I often get asked if I'm forcing my voice to be lower than it is and I feel like that is probably the case. Register 2 is the one I tend to sing in which ranges from C3(at a push)- D5, but is really light and resonates in my upper chest area. Register 3 I think is Head Voice and goes from about B4-F5 and the last is Falsetto which goes from about D#4 up to A5 (Occasionally up to C#6 on a good day).I also have Vocal fry, but I am 100% sure what that is. Going from register 2 to register 1 it feels like I am bending my voice to achieve it as if I have to go around a curve to get there, but they are connected, as is Register 3 to Register 2 albeit loosely.

Now for the inevitable questions :) ;
1)I know it would be difficult to tell me which is which without a recording and I have no way of recording other than my phone, but is there a way for me to be able to properly tell which register is which eg exercises to actually find my correct speaking pitch? I have a feeling I may need to see a specialist, but my family don't have much money so I thought I'd ask here in case anyone has had a similar problem.
2) I feel like register 2 is my most comfortable, but is so light that I often doubt it is chest voice- is it possible for chest voice to be really light? The range also seems to wide to be middle voice although I guess that is possible.
3) Is it possible for Register 1 to just be an extension I've accidentally developed by subconsciously forcing myself to speak there, as it is much darker than the rest of my voice?
4) And completely unrelated to the above; I want to be able to sing some of the heavier rock stuff, whilst I would also like to be able to sing the softer, more RnB songs. From what I've seen of Ken's amazing youtube covers KTVA will help me achieve this versatility, but I just thought I'd ask your experiences.

 Any input/advice is really appreciated and I look forward to starting my journey with you all soon,
Thank you,


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359


    Without hearing your voice, we would just be guessing and theorizing. 

    You outline a number of details about your range and timbre which are a bit different from many, but again, we need to hear you to offer any feedback. Registers are a bit subjective, but they are all we have to give us talking points about some aspects of the voice. 

    Just to hazard a guess, I suspect that your register 2 will turn out to be your workhorse, but you will be able to beef it up, as you will your register 3 head voice.  Register 4 will be available for flourishes.

    You will be able to retain the lighter versions of these registers for your R&B enjoyment.


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